Auditorium Acoustic Wall Treatments

Today’s cinema goers expect an exciting and entertaining experience in surroundings which are visually stimulating, well presented and comfortable. Cinema owners demand durable, easily managed, cost effective environment solutions which will delight their patrons.

Fabric Stretch Wall Panel System

This modern, decorative and flexible system can really set off the new contemporary digital cinemas. The in-situ installation incorporates the use of fire rated plastic tracks (available in various profiles), an acoustic core (fibreglass sheets or acoustic foam) and an acoustic fabric finish (wide variety of fabrics available).

FR Wall Drapes

Using the highest quality of flame retardant velvets, Cinemascape supply and install superior bespoke pleated wall drapes. With a wide range of fabric colours available, this robust environment solution not only offers high acoustic performance but also provides an appealing finish which can add a desired ambience to any auditorium. It is advisable to combine the use of wall drapes with the installation of a fibreglass sound absorbing material or our melamine foam product.

Wall Carpet

Acoustic Wall Carpet is a beneficial component with regards to controlling the sound reverberation within a cinema. Usually used in combination with our wall drapes or sound enhancing fabric stretch wall panel systems, this durable and easily maintained wall covering provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for our clients.

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